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VOL. 01


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Addictive & Innovative Combat

Secret Ponchos is a PVP game that plays totally different than existing MOBAs or fighting games. It's fast paced and unforgivingly competitive. There is no hand holding, no auto attack and every shot is a skill shot. It all takes place in a super stylized and fun Wild West setting that promotes team play and strategic use of the environment. 


Persistent Character

Customize your skills

Create a character by first selecting from a range archetypes. Then choose an aesthetic skin, assign combat perk points, and finally name your outlaw. Your outlaw's success or failure on the battlefield will define the bounty on their head. The better you perform, the higher the bounty for your head gets and the faster you will level up through the different reptuation rankings. 


Leveling Up

ENhancing Your Outlaw

Leveling up has gameplay benefits. As you unlock new perk points you can assign them to your outlaws combat properties, customizing and crafting your outlaw to perform just how you want. You may also have multiple outlaws, customizing them differently if you wish, as each outlaws level ups and reptuation score are separate from the others.



Your CLaim to Fame

As you progress through the game you will also be able to earn Achievements through completion of a variety of tasks. Achievements have many rewards, including extra bounty you can claim and even Gold Coins. These Gold Coins can be used to make in-game purchases for things such as skins.