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VOL. 01


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Mouse Menu Functionality, Graphic Options, Stability Fixes & More!

Patch Notes v 1.004 Nov - 28 

We’ve been doing a lot of preparation for the Free Week, which launches soon! The free week will be an exciting opportunity to have new players try the game, and to build exposure and the player base. Alongside with the free week, we’ll be promoting a major discount, and also rolling out our concurrent user challenge! In this challenge we will have rewards and in game content for players, based on hitting milestones goals of concurrent users. 

1.004 NOTES:

User Interface 

  • Base functionality added for Mouse navigation for all Menus (some additional polish is being still being added). We want to submit early to collect info prior to the free week 
  • Added Graphic options for performance control. Tiled Lighting (dx11 lighting) / SSAO/ Shadows. Players can individually toggle each element, to finetune performance on lower grade pcs. 


  • Fixed for a threading issue, causing the game to randomly crash, particularly in Practice mode, FFA, and Posse 
  • Fixed threading issue causing game to randomly crash in menus 


Gordo - Gordo had a 2nd pass of fine tuning after collecting data and analytics. 

  • Gatling Acceleration adjusted, now ramping up significantly quicker 
  • Molotov impact was initially delayed .5 seconds to accommodate for latency. After further testing the delay was brought to 0.2 seconds, to still allow players to react to it, without giving people the ability to evade through fire without taking dmg 
  • Fire does more dmg over time 

Kid Red 

  • Fix for losing aiming reticule while reloading 


  • Adjustments for killers knife, to reduce the overly broad hit detection when there is high latency