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VOL. 01


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Secret Ponchos Coming to the PC!

We listened to all of our great fans, we worked hard, and now, finally, we are thrilled to be able to announce that Secret Ponchos will bring it's gun blazing action to the PC via Steam's Early Access. 

From Yousuf Mapara:
"Since we first previewed the game at PAX East there has been an overwhelming amount of demand to bring the game to PC in addition to PS4, and we always promised we would do our best...We realized Early Access would be the perfect program for this; it creates an environment where we can self-fund development of the PC version to make it a reality, in addition to exposing all versions of the game to a broader round of polish and tuning that you can only get when developing with an actual beta community of players."

This path will ensure the final experience on both PC and PS4 is the best it can be. It's a wonderful process allowing us to push and tune the game to reach it's full potential. 

Look for Early Access to hit in the first months of summer 2014, and stay tuned for more exciting information about Early Access exclusive offers. We've got a lot of wonderful ideas in store for our early adapters!