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A vile and vicious bandit, Gordo makes his way to Lonetree to claim it for his own. Armed with a high-powered Gatling, Gordo is able to cut his enemies down from a distance. His secondary, a Molotov, can block off parts of the map with huge explosions of persistent flame or can be poured behind him to leave a trail of fire with which Gordo can further control the environment.

Special Abilities


Gordo's Rage

In a fit of rage, Gordo pounds his Gatling gun into the ground with tremendous force. This knocks down all enemies within range, including even those hiding in cover. 


Molotov Throw

Gordo ignites his Molotov and throws it at enemies–creating a burning circle of firey death. Great for getting enemies out of cover or blocking access routes. 

Molotov Trail

Gordo ignites and pours his Molotov behind him, creating a deadly trail of fire. Useful for covering an escape, or to strategically control/block a portion of the environment.