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A notorious high stakes outlaw, The Killer always works on his own. He takes pride in having a large bounty on his head and commits high profile crimes to raise the stakes. Rumoured to enjoy turning predators to prey, he lures lawmen and bounty hunters in to collect the price on his head. They will later be found with his wanted poster pinned to their corpse with one of his signature hunters' knives.



Special Abilities

Fanning the Hammer

Killer fires off all ammunition in his chambers in a rapid spray of bullets. Point blank deals a more deadly series of gut shots then at long range.



Flying Death

Killer throws his hunting knife with precision accuracy at an opponent. With great skill Killer can bank the trajectory as the knife flies through the air. A hit not only deals massive damage, but leaves an opponent stunned as they rip the knife out of their body

Steel Slash Combo

Killer violently slashes with his hunters knife close range, dealing a high damage combo of up to 3 consecutive slashes. Initiating the Steel Slashes costs stamina, so timing the combo to perform all 3 is to your advantage.