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Kid Red was a simple ranch hand, orphaned when his family fell prey to the violence of the wild west.  In his pistols he found a new life and has become a renowned gunslinger, feared in his own right.  Now with a bounty on his head, Kid Red finds himself in a kill-or-be-killed position, stopping anyone who tries to collect. He’s not named for the vibrant hair on his head, but the blood spilt by his hand.



Special Abilities

Twin Blast

Kid Red fires both pistols at once, dealing a damaging blow which stuns an enemy. Twin Blast deals extra damage, but has a slower fire rate and range then regular alternating fire.



Devil's Spark

Kid Red throws a dynamite stick, which explodes after its fuse has burned out. The center of the blast causes more damage, and the explosion leaves victims stunned.

Devil in Your Pocket

At close range Kid Red attaches a dynamite stick to an enemy which will detonate once the fuse has burned down. Kid Red must be sure to stay away from a victim with the Devil in Your Pocket, as this deadly blast can damage himself and others nearby.