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A trapper who vanished from a hunt over a decade ago, never to return. It is rumored he still lives, destroyed by madness and stalking humans in a depths of the wilderness. 

Special Abilities

Elephant Shot

Trapper loads a giant shell for a powerful Elephant Shot. This deals heavy damage, and knocks an opponent off their feet.


Shredded Prey

Using buckshot from his rifle, Mad Trapper can wound enemies from great distances. Wounded victims are slowed, allowing Mad Trapper to keep his distance and continue attacking.


Trap: Snare Throw

Trapper can throw a trap into the environment. A snared enemy will be temporarily immobilized.

Trap: Snare Bury

Trapper hides his snare.


Trapped Elephant

Mad Trapper’s Elephant Shot deals a critical hit when his opponent is snared.