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There have been many legends of the “Phantom Poncho". It is rumoured that he is a bounty hunter from somewhere in Mexico who is compelled to gun down notorious gunslingers and outlaws. He wears a concealing poncho and keeps his face hidden with ‘Day of the Dead’ face paint; his demeanour is mysterious and he is greatly feared.

Special Abilities

Phantom Dash

Phantom Poncho can use his dash to quickly maneouver around his enemies while dealing punishing shotgun blasts. Hard for enemy players to track, Phantom Poncho can use this stick-and-move tactic to great effect. 



Lead Hammer

Phantom Poncho loads a lead slug into his shotgun. The powerful blast launches an opponent off their feet, and leaves them stunned.

Rattle Bite

Phantom Poncho strikes with his legendary bullwhip at an enemy. The crack of the whip knocks them off their feet – stunned and vulnerable to his follow up attacks,

Rattle Venom

Phantom Poncho coils his whip around an enemy neck, chocking them as he holds them in place immobilized. He can then pull his victim in with great force causing them to drop their weapons, and putting them in range or a point blank blast with his shotgun.