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Formally the greatest of her profession, The Matador mysteriously disappeared from the world of bull fighting.  No longer finding fair challenge in the bull,  she now perfects her skills in the arena with more formidable and cunning opponents – the skilled and merciless outlaws and lawmen of Lonetree. Her new passion: to defeat the greatest gunslingers and lawmen of Lonetree.

Matador Grit Skin


Special Abilities

Tercio De Muerte

A single sword strike. With great precision The Matador leaps forward and impales her sword through an enemy. Though she leaves her sword in her enemy, they will still suffer damage over time. If the victim was primed by being impaled with two bandarillas, Tercio de Muerte is an execution move through the heart.



Morrillo Pounce

At close range The Matador can leap and thrust both banderillas into an enemy, stunning them, and setting the stage for “Tercio De Muerte.”

Veil of Dust

The Matador twirls her cape quickly, blinding nearby enemies with a cloud of dust. For a brief duration Matador is invisible to her victim(s), until they recover or she performs her first attack.

Dust Storm

While performing Veil of Dust, matador leaps forward causing a Whrilwind of dust behind her. Anyone caught in the Dust Storm is blinded, and cannot see the Matador.