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A warrior banished by his own people for commiting shocking acts of brutality against his enemies. Warmonger is rumored to have wiped out entire tribes with his unquenchable thirst for violence. 

Special Abilities


Warmonger throws his devastating war club, knocking down and stunning anyone in its path. 


Following "Vengeance", an empty handed Warmonger runs at exceptional speed. 


War Club Strike

A massive swing of the war club that unleashes huge damage and temporarily stuns an enemy. Consumes stamina.  

Brutal Strength

Warmonger chains together 2 giant melee hits. Consumes 1 stamina.




Tomahawk Throw

War Monger throws a single tomahawk, dealing damage and wounding his enemy.


A second tomahawk strike shortly after the first that deals critical damage.

Stone Pain

Warmonger throws both tomahawks together, striking and wounding his enemy. This causes them to run slowly, but also shatters whatever stamina they had left.