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After discovering corruption at the highest level of his regiment, he was sent by his commanders into a battle he wouldn't survive. They greatly underestimated him. With a combination of incredible skill and iron will, he slaughtered every last one of his attackers only to become an enemy of the system he once fought for.

Deserter Grit Skin


Special Abilities


Deserter charges in with his bayonet at an enemy. If he hits his target he lifts them into the air impaled, and can perform the Soliders death by blasting them off the end of his rifle.



Soldier's Cold Stare

Deserter takes a knee, and stares with great accuracy down his rifle. This long range blast deals more damage the further the target is.

Soldier's Shoulder

Deserter charges in with a shoulder strike that smashes enemies as as he lunges forwards. This attack will leave them stunned and at the Deserters mercy.


Deserter crouches down and bandages his wounds with his medikit to regain some health. 


Deserter injects himself with adrenaline. Adrenaline causes Deserter to move quickly,  and take reduced damage from enemy fire.