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The Wolf is a deadly predator rumored to prowl near the town of Lonetree. Hunting her prey, she deals devastating critical hits as her arrows pierce her enemies hides. She can switch to “Wolf Stance” moving with great agility to pounce, tackling enemies for the kill with a bone knife.

Special Abilities

Rapid Hunter

2 arrows are better than one! If The Wolf can land a second arrow while the first is still lodged in an enemy, it will land a "Critical Hit" and do extra damage. 



Skilled Hunter

Immediatly coming out of an acrobatic roll, The Wolf can release a deadly shot that if it lands will be a Critical Hit. Only the first arrow after the evade will carry the effect, so make it count. 

Stone Tip Arrow

A second type of arrow in The Wolf's arsenal. Requiring a charge, the deadly stone tip arrows have a much longer range and can wound/stun enemies.  

Predator's Slash

In close quarters The Wolf can launch a deadly an acroboatic slash attack, knocking her prey to the ground and allowing her to escape or setup her next assault.